企業使命 Corporate Mission

-低碳高效 綠色夢想 錦天繡地 至美藍圖

Low carbon and high efficiency with the green dream. Gorgeous environment with wonderful blueprint


企業愿景 Corporate Vision


Become a leading technology investor and operator in China in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection and new energy


企業精神 Corporate Spirit

-創新自強 厚德誠信

Innovation and self-improvement,virtuousness and integrity


核心價值觀 Core Values

-以人為本 拼搏奉獻 服務客戶 奉獻社會

Make great efforts and contributions with people-oriented philosophy; Serve for customers with meticulous care and sincerity


發展目標 Development Goals


By the end of 2020,the carbon emission reduction will be 10 million tons per year

By the end of 2025,the carbon emission reduction will be 20 million tons per year